Duramax Swap Custom Standalone Harness Hook-up Demo

We’ve had some people express their intimidation of installing the standalone harness and have questions about how they are to be wired. Each connection is labelled and there are tailored instructions included with each updated Duramax standalone harness. In this video, you will get some great information, tips for installation and a visual demonstration of the process. This example is an LMM Duramax, without the transmission  portion, but the installation to the upper engine harness and power source to make the Duramax run is basically the same for all LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM and LML applications.

We are now offering Duramax LML standalone solutions. Please look under the RPO Codes top level, then LML to see the harness and tuning as well as the LML Y-bridge and more upgrades or the wiring options under shop. Also, we highly recommend all tuning for your harness is done through us and it is very important to get your TCM tuned, as well as your ECM.