Dmax Swap Phone Number

We know you prefer to talk on the phone rather than typing...BUT

At Dmax Swap we get a lot of technical questions, and that’s great because we have the answers when it comes to Duramax conversions; We have put a Duramax in everything but an airplane!!! We have been tuning with EFILive and building high performance Duramax powered vehicles since 2002, so there is nothing we can’t help you with. We have you covered from complete engine and transmission builds to custom calibrations for any application.

We always contact customers, that have purchased tuning from us, prior to programming their modules.  We have each customer follow our ordering guide which walks them through the ordering process, consisting of purchasing products, completing a tune request form so that we can document their build and give us the proper information to make recommendations as well as design the calibrations to work for their build and finally, where to send their donors.  We are happy to provide recommendations for components or other performance upgrades and even recommendations for cooling, electrical, and even transmission and transfer case solutions.  But we need DATA!

We make email our primary form of communication. This benefits both the customer and us mutually:
– Questions are answered and documented.
– We have all of the information needed to properly formulate a recommendation or solution.
– Both the customer and we have records of what was discussed and delivered.
– The communication can be organized with the proper customer information or order number

We don’t provide support for:
– Other companies tuning, electrical, or harness products.
– Late model integrations. This means we only support vehicles prior to 1998.   This doesn’t mean we don’t know how to put an LBZ in 1/2 ton 2003 Chevy Tahoe and make it all work… it’s just not the focus of our business or part of our business model.

We have seen the value of keeping things documented for reference and clarity; It saves significant time and reduces errors. We work off of this model and have written this article to explain it briefly so our visitors/customers can understand the logic. As new common questions arise, we continue to update the FAQ, refine our ordering guide and even create videos, to make the experience as complete and streamlined as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you save the world… One Duramax at a Time!!!