Duramax Swap Custom Tuning

Our Dmax Swap standalone tuning for Duramax power trains are performed using EFILive software. We have experience tuning standalone duramax power trains in literally dozens of configurations, engine only configurations from boats to race vehicles as well many applications with factory Allison, 6l80e and 4L80e controllers.

It is important to tune not only the ECM but also the TCM for proper torque management and shift control. GM diesel operating systems are very dependent on torque input and shaft speed to determine shift feel and quality. Therefore everything from vehicle weight, to tire size and gear ratio can affect not only the transmission operation and durability, but also the power delivery from the engine.

We offer ECM and TCM custom programming for your crazy application as follows:

ECM Tuning

Single custom Engine calibration- We connect your ECM on a bench harness and read out the calibration in the provided module and confirm

Communication and retrieve the file installed currently. We choose the most appropriate operating system for your application (this is very critical for operation with any GM factory TCM). The file is then calibrated for your modifications and desired power level. Everything from injection pressure to turbo cane position tables are altered to generate the most efficient operation at the desired power level.

DSP-5 Tuning

Duramax Selectable Programming (DSP-5) provides the ability to load multiple Calibrations in the ECM which can be instantly accessed through a 5 position switch in the vehicle. This can be used to provide multiple power levels in the ECM “on the fly”.

TCM Tuning

Transmission control module calibration, as previously stated its critical to ensure the proper OS match between ECM and TCM, so the module is connected to the bench harness, read out, and the proper OS is selected for calibration. The custom calibration includes adjustment for shift timing, shift speeds and WOT shift speeds/RPMs. Torque management is handled by tables stored into the TCM, which are edited to compliment the ECM calibration.