Membrane – Thermal Insulator & Sound Dampening Material


Perfect compliment to your custom build. Running a turbo system puts a lot of heat against your firewall, so take advantage of this advanced thermal insulator. Read more about the benefits and construction of Membrane by Restomod Air.

Each box contains 9 sheets of 18″ X 31.5″ (36 sq ft) of Thermal Insulator with Sound Dampening material.



Membrane, by Restomod Air is the only true thermal insulation with sound dampening material. We found that custom car builders were using standard “sound dampening” material in their builds, and were unaware that it did not provide insulation from the outside elements. Membrane four-layer material that prevents your vehicle from being robbed of the climate control temperature you have set in the cabin, while giving you sound dampening.



We noticed that most custom car builders thought the sound dampening/deadening  materials they were using insulate the heat from the engine and road, this is not true. Membrane is the only material that does this with a single material. This is just not an-add-on “liner” it is a 2 in 1             design, therefore saving you time and cash money!



Membrane’s four-layer material is like nothing else found on the market. The top layer is foil for durability after the insulation. the second layer two is a close cell insulation foam rubber for thermal protection, layer three is another foil layer for structural integrity between the two substrates and layer four is the butyl layer for sound dampening commonly found on the “other”guys product.


Membrane is the only true Thermal Insulator and sound deadener for custom car builders. And with the 2 in 1 Design there is an added Sound Dampening layer. Membrane’s 2 in 1 design works in together to prevent loss of your desired interior temperature in your cabin while eliminating noise from the outside. By preventing unwanted temperature fluctuation from outside the cabin and noise interference Membrane by Restomod Air is the only true barrier from the elements your vehicle can have.


Membrane is simple to use. Measure, cut, and peel to apply to your vehicle. Membrane perfected material thickness conforms to all the contours your car has. Don’t f*ck around with those messy spray materials that have odors and drips.  Restomod Air understands that you have put a lot of time and hard work into your build, because we are car guys like you. We will not just put anything in our own build, so why should you?

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 3 in
Powder Coat

No, Yes


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