Dmax Swap Ordering Guide

Below is the guideline for purchasing your products, providing build details and sending your donors to complete the order.
Please complete the following 3 steps.

Step 1

Purchase Tunes, Standalone Harness & Upgrades

ECM and TCM tunes are purchased separately, don’t forget to get them both. We have provided prebuilt carts for your convenience.
You can modify items/quantities to suit your needs or start from scratch.

Step 2

Complete the Tune Request Form

Step 3

Ship Control Modules (ECM/TCM) to:

Please send your ECM & TCM to the address above and include your order number. From there we will test their condition and apply the tune based on your purchase and tune request form. Please pack your harness and modules with care as the donors are very expensive and in short supply. Be sure to include your order number on the package and in the box. Once we have received your donor harnesses and modules, We will contact you if there’s any additional repairs required or any issues with your donor modules.

Dmax Swap
248 Juno Street
Jupiter, FL 33458

*Note: The modules below were shipped without packing materials to protect the terminals and covered in concrete dust. Modules ship in this manner can be damaged and you will be subject to a $50 cleaning fee before being connected to the bench harness.

Ship Donor Harness to:

Dmax Swap
7777 N. Wickham Rd
Suite 12-122
Melbourne, FL. 32940

Please send your donor harness to the address above with your name, Dmax Swap and your order number in the box. Lead time is 3-4 weeks from the time it is received. Upon receiving the donor, it will be inspected and we’ll let you know if there are any additional charges for replacing/repairing components of it. We try to stock some donor harnesses and modules, so that if there is an issue with yours components, we can offer what you need to get your project going.

We only need engine to chassis harness, which has the plugs for the ECM & TCM, you can remove it from the fuse block and retain the other harnesses for yourself. A new fuse block will be supplied.

And, that’s it! You will have confirmation of your purchase in your inbox and will be kept up-to-date and the progress of your order!

ECM / TCM photos for reference

Not sure what part of the harness to send...