Exergy SAC Fuel Injectors – 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax (Set of 8)


  • 8 LB7 Reman Bosch Injectors 100% Over
  • Copper Washers
  • O-rings

The factory nozzles are swapped with a SAC type nozzle with the same spray pattern as factory. Though the latest factory nozzle with the DLC coated needle has a far superior reliability track record than its predecessor, historically the SAC type nozzle has also proven to be a dependable option. The nozzles are enlarged using abrasive flow honing technology and are hydraulically flow matched to less than 1%. Each nozzle undergoes four separate quality control checks throughout the process before being installed back onto the injector. All components are built and tested on specialized equipment designed and built in-house at Exergy. Every 100% over injector set is tested at multiple calibration points, balanced to +/- 1%, and shipped with a detailed calibration sheet. There are no shortcuts.

All our Reman injectors are remanufactured by Bosch where all moving parts and wear surfaces are replaced. Very few parts are reused. In our years of experience these reman injectors have not exhibited an increased reliability risk.

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