Please complete the following steps. (where applicable)

Step 1: Purchase Tunes & Upgrades

ECM and TCM tunes are purchased separately, don’t forget to get them both. We have provided prebuilt carts for your convenience. You can modify items/quantities to suit your needs or start from scratch.

LB7 (2001-04)
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LLY (2004.5-05)
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LBZ (2006-07)
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LMM (2007.5-10)
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LML (2011-Present)
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Step 2: Tune Request Form

Standalone Tune Request Form

Step 3: Ship Donor Harness

If you have a donor harness, send it to the following and purchase the normal priced standalone harness. Once we receive the payment (step 1) and the donor, we will make the necessary modifications and send it out to you. If we have a matching modified harness in stock, we will send it as soon as we receive your donor. Alternatively, to prevent delays, you can purchase at the “no donor” price and we will refund the core once the donor is received.

And, that’s it! You will have confirmation of your purchase in your inbox and will be kept up-to-date and the progress of your order!